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I am ::MTX::Oracle - This Is my journal

This is My Journal

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24 September 1983
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Who needs a website... when you have a myspace

By watching [adult swim] or having seen the [adult swim] logo you hearby agree to the following.

1. [adult swim] reserves teh right to do whatever the hell it wants to especialy if you dont like it.

2. The party of the first part, the viewer, is required to give the party of the second part, [adult swim], part of everything the party of the first part partakes in any parties in wich the party of the first part partook. Inclooding prezels.

3. [adult swim] and all it's affiliates are in fact affiliated. With the exception of [adult swim] Dibouti.

4. Ergo, vis-a-vis, concordantly. Turner Legal reserves the rigight to kick you and your dog in the face at any point in time in wich said faces are within range of aformentioned kicking.

5. If you / the party of the first part/ the viewer do not adhere to the guidlines set forth in this very legaly binding document, immidatley procede to step 4. Do not pas GO. Do not collect $200.

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